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My Art

I have been known to have a Arty side, especially since i obtained a GSCE in art and my Art teacher refused to belive it. He didnt take to my burning American Flag 'piece' as i had hoped, lucky there were external examinars who did. :p

Anyhow, here are some images i have 'created': (Click to enlarge)

Inverse Bottles

While developing a Image Manipulation app for my graphics module in Uni, i had some strange ouputs during testing. This is a result of some funcky inverse function.

Spanish Hole

After a LONG walk up a mountain in spain somwhere, i found a old crumbling castle, which had a very conveniantly placed hole in one of its walls.

Bottles of Doom

A rather inappropriate name of another output from testing of my course work hehe.

Where's Gareth!

Me and nick took a while to reach the top of this mountain in Brecon. Kaz photographed us at the top


Belive it or not, these were once bottles. 3 of them. But no more. So sad. So sad...