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About Me

Who is Gareth Ayres?

My full name is Gareth John Ayres, and i am currently 29 years old. I am graduate from the University of Wales, Swansea. I have a BSc (Hons) Internet Technology from the School of Engineering and a Master in Research from The Institute of Advanced Telecommunications at Swansea. I now work for the University as a Wireless Network Officer full-time in LIS. I am also undertaking a PhD in the Civil and Computational Engineering Centre part-time.

I have many interest and hobbies, which i suppose help to define who i am. I am a computer enthusiast, although that is too broad a term to use these days. Specifically, i have a interest in computer networking, security, the internet, programming, gaming, and mod'ing and breaking computer things (software and hardware).

I am also a qualified and active football referee. I am a FIFA Assistant referee. I am a assistant on the Welsh Premier and a referee in the Welsh League, the South Wales Armature League and Port Talbot seniour league. I was recently promoted to level 3 (out of 10). I am also an athlete, running for port talbot harriers. I train alot, as i enjoy keeping fit, and race now and again too. I have run for West Wales, run in the Welsh cross country championships and in the British cross country championships.
Here are some of my PB's :

What is Gareth Ayres?

What am i? I am :

Where is Gareth Ayres?

I am living in South Wales, UK.